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 Shaping A New World - A Timeline of U.S.-China Relations  
新格局 - 美中大事里程碑

Date                   Milestone

1949.10.01                 The People’s Republic of China was founded. Mao Zedong was the Chairman of the Central Government. 
                             Chou En Lai was the chief architect of the new China’s foreign policy.
中華人民共和國正式成立. 毛澤東為中央政府主席. 周恩來主掌新中國的外交政策.

1950.06.25-30            The Korean crisis erupted. The U.S. intervened and the seventh Fleet entered the Taiwan Straits at the
    end of June. 
南北韓危機爆發. 美國介入. 第七艦隊於1950年六月底進入台灣海峽.

1950.10.08                  The day after American troops crossed the 38th, Chairman Mao issued the order for “Chinese People’s   
    Volunteer Army (PVA)” to fight the American-led troops.
美軍越過38度線的第二天, 毛澤東命令中國人民志願軍與以美國為首的聯軍作戰.

1953.07.27                  The United States, North Korea and China signed an armistice, which ended the war.
美國, 朝鮮, 中國正式簽定停戰協定.

1972.02.21-28             U.S. president Richard Nixon visited China . He became the first U.S. president to ever visit China .   
    Shanghai Communiqué was released on
February 28, 1972 .
美國總統尼克森訪華. 他是歷史上第一位訪問中國的美國總統. 上海公報簽署.

1975.12.01-05             U.S. president Gerald Ford visited China .  美國總統福特訪華.  

1979.01.01                  U.S. and China established full diplomatic relations.  美國與中國正式建立邦交.

1979.01.28                  Chinese Vice-Premier Deng Xiaoping and his wife paid an official visit to the U.S.

1979.04.10                  U.S. President Jimmy Carter signed “The Taiwan Relations Act”.  美國總統卡特簽署< 灣關係法>.

1979.12.31                  The U.S. terminated the US-Taiwan Mutual Defense Treaty signed in 1954.

1984.04.26-05.01        U.S. President Ronald Reagan visited China .  美國總統雷根訪華.                                       

1985.07.22-31             Chinese President Li Xiannian visited the U.S.  中國國家主席李先念訪問美國.

1989.02.24-27             U.S. President George Bush visited China .  美國總統布希訪華.   

1989.06.04                  The Tiananmen Square incident resulted in U.S. sanctions, suspensions of high-level contacts, and a halt
    in the transfer of military technology.

1993.11.19                  U.S. President Bill Clinton met with Chinese President Jiang Zemin in Seattle , Washington , during an
    informal meeting of APEC leaders.                                 

1997.03.24-25             U.S. Vice-President Al Gore visited China .  美國副總統高爾訪華.

1997.10.27                  Chinese President Jiang Zemin visited the U.S.

1998.06.25-07.03        U.S. President Bill Clinton visited China .   美國總統柯林頓訪華.

1999.04.06-13             Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji visited the U.S.   中國總理朱鎔基訪問美國.

2000.09.19                  US Senate passed the bill that grants China Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR).
美國參議院通過議案, 給予中國正常永久最惠國待遇.

2001.04.01                  A US Navy surveillance plane landed in China after colliding with a Chinese fighter jet.

2001.10.15-21             US President Bush met with Chinese President Jiang Zemin in Shanghai ’s APEC meeting.

2001.11.11                  China officially joined WTO. 中國正式加入世界貿易組織.

2002.02.21-22             U.S. President George Bush visited China .  美國總統布希訪華.

2002.04.28-05.04        Chinese Vice-President Hu Jintao visited the U.S. 中國國家副主席胡錦濤訪問美國.

2002.10.22-25             Chinese President Jiang Zemin visited the U.S. 中國國家主席江澤民訪問美國.

2003.12.07-11             Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visited the U.S.   中國總理溫家寶訪問美國.

2005.11.20                  U.S. President George Bush visited China . 美國總統布希訪華.

2006.04.18-21             Chinese President Hu Jintao visited the U.S. 中國國家主席胡錦濤訪問美國.

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