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Rental Agreement - China Trade Mailing List

I, , the list renter, understand that the security of the mailing list of Caravel, Inc., is a very serious matter and will abide by the following terms:  

  1. The list renter promises and unconditionally agrees not to disclose, transfer, duplicate, reproduce mechanically or electronically, or retain in any form or manner whatsoever, all or in any part, the mailing list of Caravel, Inc. Furthermore, the renter will not permit any third party, agent, employee or contractor or their respective agents and employees to disclose, duplicate, reproduce, or retain said list.


2. The contents of mailers and/or materials used in the list renter's promotion program must first be submitted to Caravel for review and approval. The list renter promises to use Caravel's list for one-time specified mailings and the contents of mailers will not be altered unless approved by Caravel. Upon approval of contents of mailers, the turn-around time for delivering mailing labels is five (5) working days. Delivery charges to be paid by Caravel.
  3. The list must be used within three months of the date from which this agreement is signed. No credit will be given for names unused.
  4. It is understood and agreed that the rented list has been seeded with names and addresses to detect improper and unauthorized use. The renter may not employ any method to search "seeded" or "decoy" names or alter/eliminate such decoys.

Name of renter:    Title:
Name of company:
City: State: Zip Code: E-Mail:
Tel: Fax:

       Please 1. review/print the completed Rental Agreement, then sign/date below;
           2. return the signed agreement with payment and sample mailer to Caravel, Inc.

Signature: ______________________ Date:_____________


Caravel, Inc.
23545 Crenshaw Blvd., #101E
Torrance, CA 90505  U.S.A.
Tel: 310-325-0100 Fax: 310-325-2583
E-mail: info@china4us.com

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